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Escape from city life. Indulge in one of our self-catering cottages surrounded by the luxury of nature’s beauty and splendour. Discover the stillness and quiet bird “noise”. With no television, cellphone signal – spoil yourself to a country treat you’ll want to come back to! No need for iPad’s Starwalk – enjoy the real thing – lie back, relax and look skywards. Make time for yourself and the family. Enjoy long, easy, mountain walks. Saunter through the vineyards. Smell the fynbos. Look and listen takes on a whole new meaning. Rejoice the sound of birdlife – nature’s own musicians. Read, cook, braai, eat, snooze and savour premium wines grown around you. A weekend in Sondagskloof is all you need to reboot to go back to tackle the joys of city living. Children, mother-in-law and friends are welcome. As is your mountain bike and boots. Walking and running trails suitable for the whole family.

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