A mysterious envelope

Posmeester approaches the farmhouse. He retrieves and checks the single envelope left in his carrier bag, as he hears mumblings from inside the kitchen. 

“Jip, no name or address,” he sighs. But something tells him he’s found the answer to his question. 

In the kitchen, he finds Kleinboet commisserating with Swartskaap, topping up their wine glasses. 

“Ag, it’s not that bad, Swartskaap. You only met her once.”

“How can you say that?!” Swartskaap replies. “You know I’m Swartskaap. You know no-one ever quite gets me, or the dinge that I do, or why I do them. But the beautiful being at the dance-off …”

Suddenly, they become aware of Posmeester’s presence. 

“Do you bring any lekker nuus from the area, Posmeester?” Kleinboet asks. 

Posmeester shrugs. “Not vandag, unfortunately. But there is one envelope I couldn’t deliver. Because there was no name or adres on the front. Perhaps julle twee can take a look?”

“Jammer, Posmeester,” Swartskaap sighs. “I’m not in a lekker mood. I thought it was true liefde, but then it was just she-left-e.”

“Just look at the koevert, please,” Posmeester says. 

Swartskaap takes it, inspects it … and his eyes widen. “You said there was nothing on the front!”

Posmeester smiles mischievously. “I said there’s no naam or adres.”

Kleinboet leans over. “So what does it sê?!”

“It’s a riddle, I think. ‘One vreemde dans was the start, so. Solve the raaisel inside, and then it’s een-twee-drie go!”

Kleinboet whoops. “That must be from the beautiful being! Open it!”

Swartskaap nods, and rips open the envelope, but in his haste to reveal the contents, he rips the letter up along with it.

They all stare at the many tiny shreds of paper fluttering to the floor.

 “Eina,” Posmeester whistles. “What do we do now?”


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