Snoek. Soetpatat. En 'n Skapie

When last did you grill snoek on the coals? Get yourself a 2kg snoek from Food Lovers Market and start drooling ... While your fire is ‘getting snoek ready’ mix ¼ Cup Chutney, 2 TBS Lemon Juice, 1 TBS each Ground Cumin, Apricot Jam and Sunflower Oil together, add ½ TSP Salt and Black Pepper to taste ... Brush your braai grid with oil, place your snoek (head removed and skin down) on the grid and baste with the jam mixture. Braai time 20 minutes over medium coals. Turn over for the last 5 minutes for the upside to brown. Make sure to cut one whole garlic, a lemon and a few sweet potatoes in half and braai alongside the snoek. Plate the fish and sides off the fire, take your seats, fill your glasses, stop drooling and start enjoying! PS: How big is your flock?
*Buy 6 Bottles or more and receive a 🐑 with your order with the compliments of Jula and Naydene...until 15 December 2020. After your last order...take a picture of your flock of skapies and Email to  The largest flock's christmas present is a repeat of your last order with Skapie's compliments. So to grow a big flock...start farming!