Bloos behind the mic

Only three people are in the audience – the band members Bloos is auditioning for. She has just finished singing her heart out, the last notes of her audition song still echoing in the venue …

The band members converse among each other, mumbling words like “media traction”, “radio vibes”, and “chocolate chip bagels” … although, as far as Bloos can tell, the last of these murmurings has nothing to do with her performance.

She gulps. And blushes.

The leader of the band forces a smile. “That was … okay. But we need something more modern, if you catch my drift?”

Bloos steps forward confidently. “I catch all the drifts. I am the current.”

The band leader looks confused. “The current what?”

Bloos basks in her spotlight moment, however fleeting it may be. “I am the current, jou nool! The rip tides of Kleinmond and Onrus, the flow of the Bot River, the crash of the waves all over the Overstrand and the Overberg!”

She chuckles playfully, with a proud look in her eyes. She sees the band members whisper among one another again.

The band leader looks up with a condescending smile. “That’s nice, but we need someone to fit our image, and all that goeters. Could you do it more like Adele, or maybe like Rihanna?”

Bloos takes a step back – thrown. She inhales, then takes two confident steps forward. “No,” she says, “I can do it again … like me.”

Another mini-conference between the band members. Bloos does a little dance on the spot – optimistic, sure she has landed the gig.

But the band leader looks up, clears his throat. “Next,” he bluntly blurts out.

Bloos gasps. Then, her face contorts.

She maintains her composure, but she gets ready for a real fight …  



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