Skoonma and Kleinboet find the treasure

Kleinboet and Skoonma are panting – tired, but still thrilled by the prospect of finding the treasure, as they follow the compass’ spinning needle.

“Jislaaik,” says Kleinboet, “This compass thing has pointed us in all directions now! From New York to Tokyo to Pofadder!”

Skoonma nods. “I’m also starting to wonder if it’s broken. But we can’t give up now!”

Just as Kleinboet wants to respond, the compass’ needle starts spinning again. Once it stops, they both look up, in the indicated direction.

“But,” says Kleinboet, “it’s pointing in the direction of the farmhouse! That means the treasure is buried there!” He starts rushing off to the tool shed. “I’ll get the pickaxe to break the floors open!”

“Hold on, Kleinboet!” Skoonma shouts, stopping him in his tracks. “We’re not breaking open our beautiful flooring until we know anything for seker!”

Kleinboet sighs – disappointed, but agrees with Skoonma. They walk to the farmhouse together.

When they reach it and enter the kitchen area, they find the rest of the family – Bloos, Posmeester, Kaalvoet Meisie, Swartskaap and Kat – all joyously preparing supper, setting the table, dancing happily to the music in the background, lighting candles. Bloos sees Skoonma and Kleinboet enter, approaches them with a smile.

“Uiteindelik!” she says. “We’ve been working on an impromptu feesmaal all afternoon. We were wondering when you’d be back, but you’re just in time.” She gestures to the table, where copious amounts of food with scarcely believable aromas are being placed down by the family members.

Kleinboet’s eyes widen as he points to the compass in Skoonma’s hand. “Look!” he says. “Something’s happening!”

Skoonma looks down – indeed, the compass seems to be elevating. It lifts a couple of centimetres above her palm … and then disappears into thin air.  

Kleinboet gasps: “That means the treasure is buried here, under the table! Quickly, move everything out of the way!”

Skoonma intercepts him before he can move anything. “Don’t you see, Kleinboet?” she asks with a big smile, wiping a joyful tear from her eye. “The treasure isn’t under the table. The treasure is at the table!”

Kleinboet frowns, then looks around as the family members take their seats, with happy banter between them as they prepare to eat.

Kleinboet exhales – he nods an understanding, touched nod to Skoonma. He wipes away a happy tear of his own.



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