Bloos returns home

“Is the banner ready?” Kleinboet asks as he enters the living room of the farmhouse. He sees Skoonma and Kaalvoet Meisie putting a banner up above the fireplace, where a big fire is roaring. The banner reads: Better luck next time.

“It’s done,” says Skoonma, “but maybe we should have gotten another banner? In case Bloos actually gets the gig with the band?”

Kaalvoet Meisie shakes her head. “Bloos is a great singer, but she’s too unique. I’ve seen that band play before. They will want someone with a more, like, normal style.”

Kleinboet sighs too. “Bloos may be shy, but she’s also innovative and creative. This is just not right for her.”

“What’s not right for who?” They hear behind them. They turn around and see Bloos, looking quizically at the banner.

Skoonma is ready to console her. “What happened at the audition, Bloos?”

Bloos builds the suspense before she answers. She smiles … then she frowns … smiles again … and frowns again.

Kleinboet stamps his foot. “Ghaaa, I can’t take it anymore! Just tell us!”

“Well,” Bloos replies with an unreadable expression, “They said no. Actually, they said ‘next’. Which was supposed to mean the same thing. But I thought they wanted me to do my next song. And I did! I gooi’ed that song with everything I had! And … the band leader hated it.”

“Oh no,” says Skoonma. “We thought that might happen …”

“Wait again!” says Bloos. “After a few moments of talking, the other band members fired the leader!”

Kleinboet gasps. “So, there was a mutiny?”

“A moet-nie-wat-nie?” asks Skoonma.

Bloos gushes as she tells them: “I got the gig!”

Skoonma and Kaalvoet Meisie whoop in support. Kleinboet mutters: “Now I have to drive all the way to the banner shop again …”



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