Kleinboet reveals something

Kleinboet gets off the tractor, and puts his axe down “What’s the problem, guys,” he asks, as Kaalvoet Meisie jogs up too.

“How can you ask that?” gasps Kaalvoet Meisie. “First you say you’re planning a small party. You always go extra big with everything! And now you’re swinging your axe around on the tractor. You’re scaring the birds, man!”

“Ja, and us too,” adds Skoonma. “Have you lost your marbles?”

Kleinboet scoffs. “No. They’re safely stored in my marble drawer.”

“You know what I mean,” exclaims Skoonma. “Explain yourself!”

Kleinboet sighs. “Look, I need the axe to create the camping site.”

Kaalvoet Meisie and Skoonma share a surprised look. Kleinboet continues: “Lots of the guests will be sleeping over after the party. And I need to clear space for them to set up their tents.”

Skoonma frowns. “But you said it’s a small party?”

Finally, Kleinboet’s eyes light up as it dawns on him. “Aaah. I forgot to tell you guys. I accidentally upgraded myself in the week! From now on, when I say something is small, I mean it’s big. And when I say it’s big, you know it’s gonna be massive!”

“So, does that mean we have to start calling you Grootboet?” teases Kaalvoet Meisie. But Kleinboet scoffs: “I’ll never change my name.”

Skoonma chuckles, nods her approval and relief. “Tell me, Kleinboet, how do you upgrade yourself accidentally?”

Kleinboet thinks, shrugs. “I don’t know. Maybe it was an automatic download or something. All I know is, I am now Kleinboet 2.0!”

He laughs, then points into the distance – excited. “Look! There’s a small group of guests starting to arrive!”

Kaalvoet Meisie and Skoonma turn around … and see a long line of caravans and bakkies with camping equipment queueing up on the hill …



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