Kleinboet plans a “small” party

A warm morning in the Sondagskloof. Kleinboet finishes his coffee on the stoep, smiles excitedly as he looks out over the vineyards. Kaalvoet Meisie joins him, also with coffee. She stares in the same direction he does … squints … but can’t see anything.

“What are you staring at, Kleinboet? Am I missing something?”

Kleinboet chuckles. “Possibilites. Happenings waiting to happen. That’s what you’re missing.” He looks her in the eye: “I’m planning a party for tonight.”

“A party? Why didn’t you tell us about it?”

“Because I just had the idea,” answers Kleinboet. “Besides, everyone in the family is invited, obviously. We have a lot to celebrate, like Bloos getting that singing gig. But it’s just gonna be a small party. A little makietie.”

Kaalvoet Meisie’s eyes go wide. She gulps. “Did … did you just say a small party?”

Kleinboet shrugs. “Sure. Will you tell everyone?”

With this, he strolls off, whistling. Kaalvoet Meisie watches him go with a worried frown. She gets a fright when a hand is put on her shoulder.

“Why do you look so stressed out, Meisie?” asks Skoonma.

Kaalvoet Meisie can hardly form the words: “Kleinboet wants to have a small party. Just small!”

Skoonma nearly drops her cup of coffee. “Oh dear. It seems Kleinboet is losing his mind. There’s never been anything small about his gees, and his parties.”

Kaalvoet Meisie nods. “Should we call a doctor? Or perhaps a kopdokter?”

Skoonma thinks it over, but is interrupted by maniacal laughter. They see Kleinboet driving a tractor towards a patch of bushes, wielding an axe, as frightened birds flee in all directions.

Shocked, Skoonma jogs closer, and calls out: “Kleinboet! What on earth are you doing?”

Kleinboet switches off the tractor, looks at her quizically …



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