Taking Stock ?

With only 6 days left to stock up on your flock, best take stock and make sure to place your orders before close of business 15 December. It’s the last chance to add another Skapie to your collection to be considered for the Flock Winner of 2020. Included in your order will be a wooden Skapie to increase your chances to walk away with a duplicate of 2020’s last order with Jula’s compliments. Ready, Steady, Go!
*Buy 6 Bottles or more and receive a 🐑 with your order with the compliments of Jula and Naydene...until 15 December 2020. After your last order...take a picture of your flock of skapies and Email to skapie@hpf1855.co.za.  The largest flock's Christmas present is a repeat of your last order with Skapie's compliments. So to grow a big flock...start farming!