Swartskaap brings his girl home

Kleinboet is lighting the braai fire, while Skoonma shows the teacup she got back to Bloos and Kaalvoet Meisie. “Jislaaik, Skoonma,” Kaalvoet Meisie says, “we can see why you were desperate to get this back! It’s absolutely beeldskoon!”

Skoonma is about to answer, but her eyes light up when she sees two figures approaching from around the farmhouse. She gasps: “Swartskaap! Finally, you’re back!”

She jogs up to him and hugs him. Swartskaap chuckles, then gestures to the girl by his side. “Skoonma, I’d like you to meet the beautiful being.”

“Ahem,” the girl clears her throat, “you do remember my name by now, don’t you?”

Swartskaap shifts – a bit uncomfortable with everyone’s attention on him. “Of course, ja! Everyone, you might remember her from the night of the big dance-off. This is Marinadé.”

Kleinboet frowns. “Like the stuff we put the braaitjops in before we gooi them on the kole?”

The beautiful being rolls her eyes, with a patient laugh. “Like I’ve never heard that joke before! You must be Kleinboet. I’ve heard so much about all of you.”

The rest smile and nod – disarmed by her charm.

“It’s true,” says Swartskaap. “We went on a big adventure. Wherever the road took us. All the way from here to Ballito in Marinadé’s vintage light-blue car, and back with some detours, staying over in the craziest places!”

“We’d expect nothing less of you, Swartskaap. We’re glad you’re home safe,” says Skoonma. The rest applaud happily … But then, Kat enters, and interrupts with a low chuckle.

“Well, well,” says Kat. “So Swartskaap’s beautiful being has returned to the Sondagskloof. But what do you really know about her?”

An uncomfortable silence. But Marinadé steps forward. “The question is, what do I know about you?”

Kat gives a nod and a smile, appreciating her vigour. “Sounds like it’s more than we think …”

Marinadé feels the eyes on her, but keeps her cool. “Swartskaap has kept contact with the family, and I know you’re having some trouble with the Hidden People. Or, the Icelandic Mafia … and, I can help you sort that out.”

Kat’s eyes widen in relief. “You mean, you can help to make it go away?”

Marinadé takes Swartskaap’s hand. “Let’s just say I have an odd boyfriend, but some odd friends too. Including in Iceland.”

Kat breathes a sigh of relief …



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