Skoonma goes in search of something special

The sun rises in the Sondagskloof. Skoonma is packing a few items – bread, cheese, a small bottle of cherry – into a small leather bag. She looks to the horison, and inhales – mustering courage.

Kleinboet appears from inside the house, cup of coffee in hand. He looks at Skoonma. “Jislaaik, Skoonma, why does it look like you’re on a mission?”

“Because I am,” Skoonma replies, eyes still fixed on the horison. “It’s a journey that might take days, or might take weeks …”

Kleinboet looks at her bag, lifts an eyebrow. “And that’s all you’re taking with you? I mean, you can borrow my backpack. It’s got cool pockets and stuff.”

Skoonma now turns and smiles at him. “This is my lucky leather bag. I bought it when I was but a teenager, and everything I’ve transported with it, has always been safely protected.”

A nod from Kleinboet. “I get that, but you can mos also take the backpack?” He gasps, offended: “Or do you not like my backpack?!”

Skoonma laughs, waves it off. “Of course I … ‘dig’ it. Is that what the young people say these days?”

Kleinboet shrugs. “Sjoe, I’m not that young anymore either. I think you … smaak my backpack?”

Skoonma chuckles, then looks to the horison again. “Well, I’d best be on my way.”

She manages a few steps before Kleinboet intercepts her. “Wait. We’re all going to be worried sick if we don’t know where you’re going.”

Skoonma hesitates. “Let’s just say, I have to go see someone about a teacup.”

Kleinboet is taken aback. “A teacup? How can that be so important?”

“That’s why I didn’t tell anyone,” sighs Skoonma, “and why I wanted to be gone before you guys started asking questions I couldn’t answer.” A moment passes, as she gathers her thoughts. “It’s a long story. But I need to get this teacup back, as soon as possible. It’s a mission with many unforeseen elements … And I need to do it alone.”

With this, Skoonma walks off, with a determined gait. Kleinboet watches her go – unsure, and worried.

Soon, Bloos joins him on the stoep, with her own cup of coffee. “Where’s Skoonma going, this early in the day?” she asks.

Kleinboet exhales, processing it all. “I don’t know. But I think I should follow her … at a distance, of course.”



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